The road to waterfalls

The mountain of waterfalls – Malshej Ghats is a must visit during the monsoon.

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The Ramadan Rush

Taken at Mumbai’s Mohammad Ali Road, the Ramadan atmosphere can be spotted here. Bademiya, a landmark restaurant in Mumbai, opens up their outlet specially during Ramadan selling their amazing soups and kebabs.

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Considered to be one of the most important roads in India, it is where the annual Republic Day parade takes place on 26 January.

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Humayun’s Tomb

When Humayun had died in 1556, Bega Begum was so grieved over her husband’s death that she dedicated her life thenceforth to a sole purpose: the construction of the most magnificent mausoleum in the Empire, at a site near the Yamuna River in Delhi for the memorial of the late Emperor.

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