A day at Champaner Heritage Resort

Ever faced a time when you’re just getting bored, trying to figure out a place to enjoy with family and nothing really works out? I had a similar situation a couple of weeks back. That’s when I visited Champaner Heritage Resort.

Vadodara – my hometown has very few options to enjoy in or around the city. I had heard about Champaner Heritage Resort through my friends but it still isn’t one of the most popular places. I googled up about the place and was awestruck by looking at the pics. I knew this is where I was gonna spend my afternoon.

The Place

Champaner Heritage Resort is located about one and a half hours away from Vadodara city. If you are visiting Pavagadh or Champaner – UNESCO world heritage site, this resort isn’t too far. Located in a remote village of Bhamariya, Champaner Heritage Resort is super luxurious and has palatial vibes.

Entrance of the resort


Champaner Heritage Resort is the perfect place to have a break and spend few hours away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It serves an exotic vegetarian buffet for Rs.500 per person. Apart from lip smacking food, this place has a beautiful environment to relax and rejuvenate your soul.

Surrounded by hills, mango orchards and comprising of havelis and a stunning swimming pool, it is a gem hidden in the forests.

In a total peaceful zone, the only sound you’d be able to hear would be of the peacocks. They are just many in the surrounding fields.

While the resort usually has visitors from nearby cities like Ahmedabad or Surat, there’s no reason why Barodians shouldn’t drop by here. The grandeur, hospitality and tranquility would be the biggest takeaways.

Distance from Vadodara – 48 km

For more info visit – https://www.champanerheritageresort.com/

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