Madhavpur – The unexplored beach town of Gujarat

Who doesn’t like a surreal place that has less population? Almost every state must be having such a location(Aaah it rhymed!). But how often do people visit such places or are aware of those locations? I bet not much. Madhavpur – a small town on Gujarat’s coastline is one of those places.

NH51 by the sea at Madhavpur, Gujarat.

About three hours from Diu and two hours away from Somnath, lies Madhavpur – that has about 3 km stretch of road by the sea. With heavy wind constantly flowing and waves usually bigger than the contemporary coastal locations, Madhavpur is probably one of the best locations to enjoy a long drive by the sea.

NH-51, Madhavpur

Day 1 – Drive to Madhavpur

With the squad

Nothing is as exciting as to travel with your school buddies. After a 12 hour long drive from Vadodara with a couple of pit stops on the way, we checked in to Fern’s Leo Beach Resort. With beach facing spacious rooms, Fern is probably the best hotel in Madhavpur. Located right at the centre between Porbandar city and Somnath, Madhavpur is also the perfect place to stay at if you have plans to visit them.

Sea facing rooms at Fern – Leo Beach Resort, Madhavpur
Crystal clear Madhavpur Beach

If at all you are a non vegetarian and an alcohol lover, let me say you’re gonna get NOTHING!

Day 2Drive to Porbandar

Waking up to the sound of the waves

Imagine waking up to sea breeze and sound of the waves instead to an alarm clock that reminds you of getting to work. That surreal feeling. It will always top as the mornings you wish you could wake up everyday.

Relax by the beach

After having some really good made to order breakfast, we were off to Porbandar city. Wind mills, migratory birds, some never before seen rivers and coastal region, drive to Porbandar was a mix of both smooth roads and rough patches.

Due to unavailability of non veg food in Madhavpur and not quite good options in Porbandar, we were really adamant to atleast buy some eggs. But buying eggs in Gandhi’s hometown was even more difficult than getting non veg food. Eggs? How come nobody sold eggs openly?

Eggs sold at a house in Porbandar

But as they say you just need the right contacts and you can get anything and everything, we finally figured out where to get them. It was in a residential property.

Chowpatty at Porbandar

After a little exploration, we stopped by at the lake that was like a gift on our journey. Filled with migratory birds majorly Flamingos, I pulled out my DSLR and managed to capture them in motion.

A walk on the other side of the sand hill was this beautiful Arabian Sea. Gujarat does have some of the cleanest beaches for sure. Why not? Strong winds and waves make it little difficult to allow tourists get close to the water.

Day 3 – Drive to Somnath

Turn the wheels towards other side of the town and you get to explore a little more of the Saurashtra. Culture, food, people, language, clothing – all having a taste of their own. Deeper you go in India, More you explore.

As we drove towards Somnath, I came across a very familiar name. Chorwad – The birthplace of Dhirubhai Ambani. This small village gave birth to one of the richest man in India back then. But does the place actually look any different than the contemporary villages? Not really.

Somnath – one of the first amongst twelve jyotirlinga shrines of Shiva is an important place for Hindus. The temple has gone under many attacks and rebuilds over its lifetime and today stands as one of the holiest places in India.

Somnath Temple, Veraval

A good drive ended with good food, games, gossip and VanPur – a non alcoholic beer that was suggested by one of the shopkeepers. I kid you not, this Polish beer was very close to the actual one.

Non Alcoholic Polish Beer – Van Pur

A late night walk on the beach, sound of the waves, moderate sea breeze… a beautiful relaxing trip finally came to an end.

Full moon night at Madhavpur

Place to stay – The Fern Leo Beach Resort

Nearest cities from Madhavpur – Porbandar, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Diu

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