These photos will change the way you look at Vasai – Virar

The moment you think of Vasai-Virar, the only visuals you get are of the crowded Mumbai local trains. But the following would surely change your perspective. Just like how mine did after clicking the stunning pictures.

Somewhere around mid September, Mumbai witnessed one of the most beautiful skies. The city that is always engulfed in traffic had something worth watching while commuting. The moment you looked up in the sky, you’d always see a different form of clouds. It was not just me but many noticed the same and started sharing pictures on Instagram.

On one of the weekends of Ganesh Chaturthi, Me & my friends headed for Virar at Nishad’s home as they had placed the Ganesh’s idol.

After doing the prayers, we set out to explore the outskirts and the only thing we did was stop the car again and again. The reason? Breathtaking view of  nature. This is what we saw on the way to Vaitarna River. It reminded be of the Windows XP wallpaper.

landscape on the outskirts of mumbai_wmIMG_20180915_170828_wmIMG_20180915_165605_wm

The beautiful sight was no less than being somewhere in Europe.

And the Vaitarna River was just too scenic. Cool breeze and sound of the waves gushing on the concrete gave a lovely feeling of being close to nature.


The Bhuigaon Beach in Vasai was just another beauty. Trees, clouds and the sunset – no matter where we looked at, it was just too picturesque.

IMG_20180915_181317_wmIMG_20180915_182003_wmwalking on the reflection_wmIMG_20180915_183241_wmbeach_wood_tree_wm


That’s it, guys. Whenever you see the sky is totally different than the usual and want to see the best of nature not very far from Mumbai, this is where you should head at.

Note – All the pictures are taken on OnePlus 6.

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