Bored of Lonavala? Tamhini Ghats is where you should go to.

Lonavala – The default getaway of Mumbaikars during monsoon where people get together in a jam on the way to Tiger Point for hours.(And on the old Mumbai – Pune highway while getting back). That’s the current situation rather definition of this hill station.

A glimpse of Duke’s Nose from Tiger Point, Lonavala.

If you’re bored of Lonavala and want to travel to a better place over a weekend, Tamhini Ghats is the place for you. Last month, I visited it not once but twice.


Situated about an hour from Pune, Tamhini Ghats – Mulshi Dam offers a picturesque drive like no other. With very few good resorts to stay at and not quite accessible on travel booking websites, this place is mostly visited by Punekars.

You can easily combine a trip to here with surrounding places. Here’s what I did.

Trip to Kolad & Tamhini Ghats

Kolad’s white river water rafting is more thrilling and safe as compared to the one in Rishikesh. Located almost at the center between Mumbai and Pune, the rafting is spread on the stretch of 14 km of Kundalika river and the force of nature challenges you like never before.


Since Rishi, Ruchika & Hritwik had done river rafting earlier as well, it was good to have the experienced ones along with we newbies –  Joy, Shweta and me.

The Rafting usually begins around 10 am after the dam opens its doors and Kundalika river gains a little more powerful flow.

Enjoy a spectacular scenery as you enjoy learning teamwork and coordination with the captain.

Fast flowing rapids is where you’d enjoy the most. Before the end of the journey, you’d even be allowed to jump in the river and swim where the river becomes a little stagnant. Overall, the 2-hour long river rafting experience was totally worth it and something to remember.


People enjoying snacks at the exit sold by the locals.

From here, we went for Tamhini Ghats as it was just a 40 min drive. Tamhini Ghats is one of the most beautiful ghats in Maharashtra. Situated on the crest of the Western Ghats, Tamhini Ghat is known for its scenic waterfalls, lakes and dense woods.


We took a break at Vitthal Kamath restaurant. The place also offers rooms and has a swimming pool which you can use on an hourly basis (Rs.300 each for 1 hour).


While Rishi, Ruchika & Hritwik decided to enjoy the pool, Shweta, Joy & I decided to take a walk.

Soon, we came across this beautiful spot behind Vitthal Kamath restaurant that I immediately fell in love with it. Walk down a little on the road from the restaurant and just on the right, a small patch of the road will take you to a huge plain.



With no humans around, complete silence and cool winds, this was undoubtedly the best spot of the trip.

So beautiful that I was back at this place just after 2 weeks.

But this time, with my colleagues – Aniket, Nishad, and Pranav.

Trip to Tamhini Ghats and Mulshi

Imagine going to your destination without doing any booking, visiting a number of hotels and checking out rooms just like the good old days. Sounds exciting, right? That’s what we did this time.


After having a delicious breakfast at Panvel’s most famous Datt Snacks Corner, we were off for Tamhini Ghats via Pune.

Mulshi has very few resorts which are good to stay at and most of them are occupied over the weekend. After spending 2 hours just finding a hotel, we finally checked in at Paradise Resort as it was the only one which was available.

Just avoid going at this place – Paradise Resort and Cafe.

With poor service & families around, we were highly disappointed considering the place where we had to stay at. Even on Tripadvisor, this place has a number of bad reviews. Considering the place has a lake view, the lack of maintenance was quite evident from the dampness of the rooms.

But as The Rolling Stones says, ” You can’t always get what you want.”, we quickly stepped out to explore Tamhini Ghats and enjoy the nature’s beauty.



Once again, I took my friends to that very spot where I had been a few days back and they were awestruck at this scenic beauty. Mountains, Clouds, Lake – it was a visual straight from a Hollywood movie.

This time, more water had accumulated due to heavy rains. I was surprised to see I had walked a lot the last time and now that part was all submerged.

Picturesque view from Sai Resorts

We got back at Vitthal Kamath restaurant and had some amazing food. We thought to check out their rooms just out of anxiety. Beautiful interior, cordial behavior of the attendants and availability of amazing food – this was so tempting for us. Just the basics that we wanted.


“Mera Goa wala trip fucked up hua tha. Main nahi chahta ye wala bhi waisa ho.” said Nishad. Well, that was enough for us to spend a little more and move over here. We shared our problem with the owner and he even reduced the prices for us. This was a cherry on the top and we can’t thank enough to Sai Resorts.

Pitch dark in late night at Sai Resorts.

We spent the whole night drinking, chatting and eating in the midst of heavy rain. As they say “You feel the power of rains more in the mountains than on the land.”, this was indeed one of the best nights we had spent in the thunderous rain. It was pitch dark outside with only nominal light visible when the vehicles passed by.

Soon, it was twilight and I saw one of the best mornings.

After a good sleep, we were back on wheels and headed back to the civilization by enjoying more views that Tamhini Ghats had to offer.




Distance from Mumbai – 150 km

Places to stay

The Green Gate Resort, Basho BougainvillaeaMalhar Machi, Residency Lake Resort, Atmantan

Sai Resorts – 9673005592, 9960101844


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