The Crazy PoeePapad Wedding in Goa

Somewhere around in Jan, my phone rang.

“Kaavaaal, I am getting married this April. It’s in Goa and I am not taking a NO from you.” It was Lizanne after a long time and that was a big news as Lizanne & Vikas, the two wonderful people from my previous office, the True School of Music, were finally tying the knot.

The moment someone says Goa, scenes from the movie “Dil Chahta Hai” come in my mind. Goa – the ultimate party destination of India, is always on everybody’s list. Cheap booze, fresh seafood, beautiful sunsets, crazy nightlife and commuting across the state in a beachwear is something that makes Goa a perfect getaway.


It was the first Goan wedding that I was going to attend. And to add a cherry on the top, almost everyone from my ex-company was present. It was like an unofficial off-site. I couldn’t have asked for more!

Day 1

The feeling of heading to Goa is an excitement of the next level. After a not-so-long flight from Mumbai, I checked in to my hotel – Varanda Do Mar, a comfortable spacious stay at Dona Paula.

After being lazy in bed, the doorbell rang. It was time to welcome my roommates for the trip and old colleagues – Shadaab & Benji.

Osho look a like-Benji busy killing people in PubG.

As we were catching up after a really long time, we had a lot to share. Since Shadaab had been a frequent Goa visitor, he knew all the best places to visit for food. And so, we left for Gunpowder in Assagao where other True school people were supposed to join.

After a non-stop almost signal-free ride, we reached Gunpowder, only to realise it was FULL.



This beautiful place is one of the most frequently visited by tourists. It is best advised to reach early and grab the table.

After a much disappointment, we headed for Crab & Co. which was just a few meters ahead.


This huge villa turned in a restaurant has a lot to offer in seafood. The foodies had ordered everything on the table. And to our surprise, the quality, taste, and quantity were top notch. We didn’t find much people around. May be, as it didn’t serve alcohol.

Grilled Kingfish in Recheado masala
Bhukkads on the table

Day 2

Before we went for the wedding, we wanted to have the local delicacy at Anand Bar in Anjuna. It was the discovery of Shadaab and said it serves one of the best Goan thalis.


This small local food joint is almost like a Dhaba where you get delicious food.

Rawa surmai fry
Goan fish thali at Anand bar

We all ordered the Goan fish thali and it was indeed one of the best seafood thali I’ve ever had. With local spices mixed in the best and minimal style, the thali was amazing and I highly recommend to visit this place at least once if you love seafood.

We quickly went to the hotel and got dressed up. It was also an evening we were eagerly waiting for as the gang also involved people who were now ex-employees. I remember Kishor sir had mentioned the previous night, “It is was very unlikely that every one of us would turn up in Goa and I don’t think this would happen again.”

It was hot. But the excitement was something else.

The beautiful moment had finally arrived. And the PoeePapad couple looked beautiful.

Lizanne – The bride at the church.

After prayers and blessings of Jesus, the couple walked by and everyone cheered.

The “Just Married” moment.

The wedding followed with an amazing party at Prainha Resort. It is one of the most beautiful locations that I have come across Goa and is definitely one of the best places for occasions like these.


Lizanne & Vicky had some amazing performances for everyone that made us dance along with them as well. They were too sweet and romantic at the same time.

There were many games as well. I loved how the bride and the groom were made to kiss by lifting on the chairs.

But the show stopper was Chandy. Be it walking on the ramp or dancing on the floor, my ex boss gave us more laughs than anyone at the wedding.

One thing that I love the most in Christian weddings is how the best man shares the story about how the Groom and the Bride met and how the successive events followed which finally made them fall for each other. Also, it was beautiful to see how they were able to get married by overcoming their cultural and religious differences. I hope more Indian families open up and allow their kids to marry whom they want.



The time spent with my ex-colleagues and bosses was crazy. Ashu, Chandy, and everyone at True School has always been like a small family who worked and celebrated together. It was for sure one of the best weddings that I’ve been to and also the night that I didn’t wanted to end.


Day 3

Since it was Goa, it would have been a mistake to book an early flight to Mumbai. Instead, I had booked a late night flight and along with me, I had Anushka & Sanah, the two wonderful people that I know from true school, had their flight around the same time.


While most of the people I knew had left via car or their flight, we were the only souls to explore a bit more of Goa.


We spent the whole day at Benaulim beach. With less crowd, fresh breeze and sunny weather, it was the perfect place to relax and enjoy the Goan vibes.


If you love Goa to the core for being the perfect place to relax and enjoy at the same time, do put “A traditional Goan wedding” on your wish list. I bet you won’t regret!


Distance from Mumbai – 592kms (12-15 hours)

Flight cost (Roundtrip from Mumbai) – Approx Rs 6000 – 8000

Sightseeing places –ย The Our Lady of Assumption Church, Fort Aguada, Chapora Fort (As seen in the movie Dil Chahta Hai), Dona Paula (as seen in the movie Singham), Candolim beach, Ashwem Beach, Arambol Beach, Night market at Anjuna etc.

Places to stay – Goa offers stay across all budgets. From home stays and hostels to 5 star hotels, you’ll find everything. Google for more info.

Transportation – Goa doesn’t have Uber and follows the state transport. Strike a deal if you book a cab. For 100 kms, it could cost somewhere around Rs.1500-1800. For a scooter, it could be around Rs.600 per day.


Lizanne & Vikas’ – photos from the Mehendi function

Vlog by Shadaab on his Goa trip



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