The Ramadan feast experience at Mumbai’s popular – Mohammad Ali Road

If you’re living in Mumbai, you’d definitely come across this question, “Oye, Kal Mohammad Ali Road chalega kya?” (Will you come to Mohammad Ali Road tomorrow?) Mohammad Ali Road is one of the most visited places in Mumbai during the Ramadan period where people from across the city come to eat their favorite Ramadan food. While most of the dishes are available everywhere, it is the street food experience that makes people throng to Minara Masjid lane.


But is the experience worth it? Let’s find out.


Reaching Mohammad Ali Road from Andheri was a complete joy ride as it involved switching to a taxi from an auto (As autos are not allowed beyond Bandra). I was accompanied by 2 more foodies – Hritwik (corporate employee during the day and chef at night) and Sukriti (writer during the day but all time foodie). Both having spent time in multiple cities while growing up were keen to try out this must visit place in Mumbai.



It was one of the longest rides we had taken lately. After one and a half hour, we had finally arrived at our destination – Minara Masjid.

Places To Visitย 

While there are many street vendors in the lane, the following are notably popular joints.

1.Janata Foods

Malai Tikka Kebab

Right towards the entrance on the left, this is one of the places where you’d find a lot of people having kebabs. They were indeed good in taste.

Pahaadi Tikka Kebab

Must try – The Malai Tikka Kebabs and Pahaadi Tikka Kebabs

Price – Rs.250 onwards

2. Mashallah Cuisine


Right next to Janata, Mashallah is a bigger restaurant where again you’d find a lot of people waiting. This prompted us to try as well. After a wait of about 10 mins (which eventually became 25), we finally, were able to get our table on a sharing basis. We ordered Chicken Dum Biryani and weren’t happy with the taste. The masala was missing as well.

Chicken Dum Biryani

Price – 370 (certainly avoidable.)

3. Burhanpur Jalebi Centre


This Jalebi center right next to Bade Miya is one of the most popular joints for mawa jalebis. Try the lip-smacking super hot jalebis which will make your trip worth the visit.

Mawa Jalebi

Price – Rs 50 for 150grams

4. Suleman Bakery

The Suleman Bakery is right outside on the Mohammad Ali Road. Known for their malpuas, pheernis and other desserts, your trip has to end with one of the freshly made sweet dishes from here.

Malpua with rabdi

Price – Rs.160

Other Street Food Vendors

There are many stalls here and it’s best advised to check the whole lane first and decide what to have where. From Paya soup to shawarmas, Hyderabadi Badaami Haleem to Gulab Jamuns, there’s a lot to eat out here. You better have a group of friends so that you can try as much as possible.


With hardly any space to stand around, constant rush walking in and super sweaty atmosphere, it was a mixed experience for all of us. Mawa jalebis were the only ones that made us go WOW. Many places are kinda pricey (like we didn’t find chicken dum biryani worth Rs.370 at all). So, make sure you ask the rates before placing the order.

If you’re from or have been to Hyderabad, Delhi, and Lucknow(like how we all have been), chances are you might not enjoy going here. The taste and quality will not match to the standards of other cities. But if you haven’t and are a non-veg freak, you should visit at least once for the experience.


We couldn’t visit the ultra-popular Shalimar Restaurant as there was no space in our stomach. We will definitely one day. (After Ramadan, of course! ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


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